Mirrors: A Short Story Collection (ONLY ON KINDLE)
Haley is the younger sister no one really wants to be. Her sister, Serena, is a selfish sneak who knows how to never get caught. While Serena has everyone (including their parents) eating out of the palm of her hand, Haley suffers in silence - until she receives a mirror that shows her everything she's ever tried to hide. What will happen when Serena comes to claim the mirror as her own, too?

+ five more short stories about looking in the mirror at your heart and seeing what's inside (whether it's good or bad).

Released 4/2/2017


Overload: Short Stories For When Your World Turns Upside Down (ONLY ON KINDLE)
Expected Release in May 2017*

*Preorder information and exact release date will be updated as information comes available

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