Keyboard Tapping

11:02 PM

I've been tapping the keyboard keys for several days now in anticipation of this day. The day where I could share the news I've been giddy about since Friday evening.
First of all - hit this link up before you go any further. Nothing else will make any sense otherwise.
Feel free to leave what comments you have about the story here on the blog - I promise I'm a big girl and I can take 'em if they're not what I wanted to see.
Now, for the news that I've been so giddy about..
I wrote this story on Thursday morning and submitted it just under the wire (hence the roughness in some spots). Then I showed it to a few people before leaving Flag for the break. When I got home, I printed a copy out and passed it around the family to get their opinions (quite favorable, by the way).
Well, it just so happened that this week was Dad's week to give the sermon, and he hadn't finished it yet. In fact, he was looking for a story to lead into the sermon. As soon as he read it, apparently God told him it was the story to lead in, and so he used it as a part of his sermon on Sunday!!!
As far as why I couldn't share sooner...this story was submitted for a writing challenge on the website the link I posted just took you to. They hadn't finished with the judging until this afternoon, and since there was a slight chance one of the judges could get to my blog, read it, and figure out which story was mine, I couldn't really say anything. The results of that come out Thursday morning, so stay tuned. If I did well, I'll post here. If not - then, well, as far as I'm concerned, the story is already a winner because I've gotten to see God use it first hand... and that's far more satisfying than winning a writing challenge any day of the week.

No countdown today, by the way. Both Nita and Oliver are home, and I'm not going to count the days until they have to leave because that is just depressing. I suppose I could count down the days to Dad's ordination... but I've burned myself out on countdowns.
See ya next time!

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