Writing Promptly

So, I started a blogger site a few weeks ago dedicated to me writing from prompts because I have had so little discipline when it comes to actually taking time to write lately. It also probably shows a severe lack of endurance (hepos menos) that now I am planning on exporting the entries I think are worth something from there over to here. But I feel stupid when I go over to that site and see it so sad day by day when I don’t add anything.
Here is one of the first pieces I wrote for this site. Enjoy!

(posted 6/2/08)

There Once Was a Chance...
Prompt: (from http://www.creativewritingprompts.com)
Begin a story with "There once was a chance I didn't take..."
“There was once a chance I didn’t take…”
I yawned as the speaker in front of the room droned on. I couldn’t help it. I was exhausted. This guy was boring. And, to make matters worse, this guy also banned coffee from the room. Was it really my fault everyone in the room could hear it, when the one thing that could keep me awake was being denied me?
“Young lady…”
Suddenly all eyes were on me as I sat up in my seat, holding my pencil poised above my notebook once more. I said, “Sorry, sir,” and looked back at him pointedly. This was his fault, plain and simple.
He looked right through me. That whole ‘I’m so disappointed in you, I’m going to pretend like you don’t even exist’ kind of look right through you. The one that means you’ll be hearing about how you dared to yawn during class at breakfast, lunch, and dinner for at least a month. I hate it when he does that. Who is he to refuse me what I need to stay awake and listen?
A few snickers emerged from the rows behind me. I knew what they were thinking. ‘He has to be boring if his own daughter is openly yawning in his class.’ Followed quickly by, ‘Dude, he’s too old to be her dad. He’s gotta be her Gramps.’ And there was nothing I could do. The man is far more passionate one-on-one than in a lecture hall setting. If he could just teach one on one all the time, these guys would see he knows his stuff, but it will never be possible, and I am the one who will suffer for it.
Then he started talking again, igniting a new batch of snickers. “There once was a chance I didn’t take…”
(6/02/2008 02:02:00 PM)

And, on a much more random note-while I was trying to write a paper for my summer school class this morning, it occurred to me... one of the big reasons why girls like to date bad guys. Send me a message and I'll tell you what it is!

Oh, and I'll see you next post!