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Best of Intentions

The best of intentions, right? That's what I get to plead. I've been slammed by a continually lengthening day of work, and therefore a continually shortening amount of time to get everything else done. At the risk of sounding like I am making excuses, I feel like every time I get into a routine or schedule is about the time that everything changes again. This is hardly conducive to blog-writing. I've missed this outlet dearly. I cannot begin to count how many times I have started to write another blog entry in my head on the way to work, at lunch, or on the way home, only to lose steam by the time I actually step in the front door and head for a computer to sit down and type. In theory, this is sacred space. This is the space where I spit out everything I am thinking or feeling in hopes of making sense of what is going on around me - either in the rest of the world or in mine. In terms of updating, this blog is going to be no better than the last in terms of the real update

February Update

I mentioned last month that it would be a toss-up as to which novel I would edit during NaNoEdMo, which starts six days from now. That was while I was working a 40-hour week still, and felt like I would have time to devote to fifty hours of editing. Now, I am not so sure that this is the case. Am I saying that I am giving up on the idea of NaNoEdMo completely? No, far from it. What I am setting for myself as a goal is thirty-one hours - an hour a day every day next month. Now, to figure out which novel it's going to be!