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House Fire Saga Update - May 2020

After the house fire last summer, one of the many little decisions I made about posting related updates was that I would share them publicly on Facebook and leave them that way for awhile. I never set a date or time as to when I would go back through and make them private, but I knew they would land over here eventually. Last night, as I worked on moving the updates over, I realized today would be the eleven month anniversary of the house fire. A lot has changed in the world (not just mine). I figured that since I'm in the neighborhood, now's a good time to update you on life since the last official update in mid-August. If you don't know what has been going on in the last year (or fell behind on the updates) - which is okay, because I fell behind in posting them - here's links to the posts on my blog to get you up to date. The *ed links indicate posts you'll want to read in order for some of the updates in this blog to make sense. First Facebook Post AND