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Book Review: Always Gray in Winter

Happy Thursday! Welcome to the first book review of Spring 2019. Today, I'm looking at science fiction and furry writer Mark J. Engels' debut novel, Always Gray in Winter - which is also the first in a series. Disclaimer/Permission Tag: The book for this month's review was provided to me for free by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review of their work. Also, the cover art is being used with permission of the author. Always Gray in Winter Mark J. Engels, 2017, Thurston Howl Publications Description:  A distant daughter. A peculiar device. A family lineage full of secrets. When werecat Pawlina Katczynski finally resurfaces, her location previously unknown to anyone close to her, the reunion is short of welcomed. Instead, she finds herself thrust tooth and nail—tooth and claw—into a feud between opposing werecat clans as her family and their enemies reignite a battle that has raged for years. Always Gray in Winter invites the reader to j

Science Fiction Through the Centuries - 1700-1752

Happy Thursday! Welcome to Part Two of my "Science Fiction Through the Centuries" series, where I talk about early science fiction stories... and where you can find them. You can read the series introduction here: "Science Fiction through the Centuries - The 1600s" If all you are looking for is the links, I've got you covered too - Early SciFi Links This month, we're looking at early science fiction works written between 1700 and 1752. Yes, that's an arbitrary year to choose, but the number of stories written between 1700 and 1799 was much larger than the one for stories written between 1600 and 1699, and I had to pick a point somewhere to stop before this post turned into a book of its own. *Quick Note* -  There's been a ton of concern lately about book piracy and where to find legitimate copies of an author's work. Before we dive in to today's list, I wanted to reassure you that I am doing my best to make sure the links I've p

Reconsidering Science Fiction Through the Centuries (Tuesday Blog)

Happy Tuesday! I know, Thursdays have been my go-to posting day for a while now, but between missing last Thursday's post (no thanks to the combination of a busy content writing work week combined with an eye flare-up) and things going on in the writing community at large, it felt like an extra post was necessary this week.  Last month, I posted the first in a series of blog posts called " Science Fiction Through the Centuries ". In that post, I talk about where I came up with the idea for the series and what I'm trying to accomplish with it, as well as sharing links to where works can be found. This includes places it can be located for free, so long as the copyright for the work falls under public domain. There aren't really words to describe how excited I was to work on this series. Digging into the history of something, doing research, is stuff I genuinely enjoy doing. Plus, I like to have my facts straight when it comes to posting on here.

Winter 2018/19 Book-ish Round-Up

Happy Thursday! This week has been busy and chaotic, so today's post will be more straightforward and less of my exposition. Fortunate for both of us, since this one is about some of the books I've either read or purchased to read in the last three months. I've become rather fond of these round-up style posts, by the way, so don't expect them to go away any time soon. Links to the last two round-ups: Summer 2018 Reading Round-Up Fall 2018 Reading Round-Up What I've Been Reading The list of books I've been reading since December includes: An Unfortunate Dimension by Dominic Schunker ( link to review ) The Time Machine/The Invisible Man  by H.G. Wells Thinkers by Kierra Joy ( link to review ) New Atlantis - Sir Francis Bacon What I've Been Buying As for what I've picked up in the last few months? When you across a book like this at the thrift store and realize you don't have a copy of it on your bookshelf... ther