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Revisiting My Goodreads Recommendations

A year and a half ago, I wrote a post called " Dear Goodreads, Do You Really Know What Science Fiction I Want to Read? ", where I took a look at their recommendations for me in SF. I did a similar set of posts for the Amazon behemoth and I've been working on another post in the series for Google Play Books. Then I logged into Goodreads recently on a whim and headed over to their Browse tab. I'm not obsessive about updating my reading there these days, nor have I been actively avoiding doing so. It's been awhile since I've thought about it, so I figured the list of recommended reads would be similar to what it was at the beginning of 2019. It wasn't. Curiosity go the better of me on this one, so I've changed course from the standard fourth week book review, and today I'll be diving in headlong to see what has changed in the last nineteen months. I'm using a similar methodology to narrow down the list to 10 as last time (1 recommenda