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Luv is a Verb (52 Weeks of Book Challenge Week Fourteen)

I hate recycling blog post titles (read the original here ), but when a good one works for more than one application? Well, I'm going to try to not beat myself up about it too much. Also, there might have been a song that inspired the original post title. Watch the video, if you dare. Otherwise, feel free to scroll down to the review. Love Does: Discover A Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World Bob Goff, 2012, Thomas Nelson Summary: Love Does  is a collection of stories from the life of the author, Bob Goff. The stories within the book center around a single idea - that love is not passive. It lives, it moves, it breathes, it... well, it does.  Why I Read It: Well, this was another one of the half a dozen or so books I downloaded before I went to Kenya back in the fall with the intention of reading on the plane. I should know better by now. Opinion: Probably not going to be a surprise to read the words, "I loved it."  Because, o

[Five Minute Friday] Sing

(Yes, this is Saturday. But one of the wonderful things about this link up is that I don't have to write or post this on Friday. Read and enjoy, friends!) There is a stack of notebooks and folders a mile high on my desk as I struggle to get organized and string words together in a way that makes sense for this post on my blog. And the notebook on top? Oh, she sings. Seven years of dust and dirt from far flung places ground into her cover, the sides of pages that have been thumbed through at least a hundred times. "Short Stories" (and a few doodles) are etched on the front. The binding is shredding, and I will be reduced to using tape to hold it together soon. But she sings. Short stories and blogs and devotionals and hopes and dreams, all written in that eleven month vagabond journey where I saw who I was before and who I could be after. I read it now, and the songs she sings carry me back to the resort hostel oasis in Cambodia, the back of a pickup truck in

May the Circle Be Unbroken (52 Weeks of Books Challenge Week Thirteen)

Yes, yes, this week's review is a day late. I developed a nasty sinus infection over the weekend, which delayed the writing of this post. My apologies. This week's review: Green (The Circle Series Book 0 or 4) Ted Dekker, 2010, Thomas Nelson Summary: Green is the beginning/end of the Circle series (because that's not at all confusing, now is it). Well, when we're talking about science fiction that deals with wibbley wobbley timey wimey stuff... it's going to get a little bit confusing no matter how I try to summarize it. In the future, where Thomas Hunter stayed after sacrificing himself in the present to save the world from a deadly virus, the stage for a war to end all wars is being set. His oldest son, Samuel, turns his back on the Circle to align with dark rebel forces. Thomas is broken-hearted, but determined to save the Circle and Samuel both, even if it means going back to the world he left behind. Why I Read It: Before The Cir

Every Good Thing (52 Weeks of Books Challenge Week Twelve)

*insert jumping up and down excited about real life news moment here* because, in case you didn't already know, I released a book last week - blog post to come with all the things that give me the feels about it so that you can get the feels too! In the meantime, check it out! Mirrors: A Short Story Collection on Amazon ! Shall we get on to the review, then? One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are Ann Voskamp, 2010, Zondervan Summary: Before I try to summarize this, let me just say that I kind of hate it when a book has a tagline like this because the tagline in itself is a more than adequate summary for this one... One Thousand Gifts  is the story of what author Ann Voskamp learned and how she grew as a result of a challenge to count 1,000 things to thank God for. As the tagline suggests, it is also a challenge to the reader to live fully in the place they are at. Why I Read It: I'd been reading Voskamp's blog for awhil

Things You Can't Finish (52 Weeks of Books Challenge Week Eleven)

As with other things this week, I am running a little bit behind. That seems to be the nature of my week. My sincerest apologies. 50 Great Essays Houston Peterson (editor), 1953, Cardinal Edition Summary: 50 Great Essays is a collection of essays compiled from centuries past to present (well, present to the 20th century). Thomas Bacon, John Locke, Michel de Montaigne, and GK Chesterton are just a few of the authors whose essays were selected. Why I Read It: I was looking for a collection of essays while I was out thrift store shopping with my mom one day. This one, in particular, I thought would be awesome because of the collection's age, and all the authors from yesteryear that were included in the collection. My Opinion: I really don't have much to say, because this is the first one I have marked as complete and set aside because I just could not get through it. That is no fault of the authors themselves, because their writing was superb. It was more

Hope Quotes Review - March 2017

Last month's hope quotes, as posted on Instagram, looked a little something like this: March 4, 2017 March 12, 2017 March 18, 2017 [No quote - I was sick over the weekend] March 25, 2017 Did any of these resonate? Feel free to share! Just don't forget to mention where you found them. ;) If you missed last month's quotes, you can look them over here .