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Day Eleven

Almost two weeks late to the party, I am. Ooops. Time flies when you go on safari, and then go home, and then a lot of home things start happening. I started this blog the evening after the events that took place, SOOO it's going to sound like it happened today. #sorrynotsorry I was in a motorbike accident today. And if you are reading this, then I think your deductive reasoning skills are developed well enough to figure out that I was not seriously hurt. I'll skip the photos of my injuries. Just know I am bruised, scraped, and sore, but alive and grateful my injuries are minor. Bwana asifiwe (Praise the Lord). Today was a busy day for us. Pastor Rich, Mary Jo, and Patty stayed at Kilimani while Doris and I went out to the mission church that Pastor Paul leads. I was to preach there, and Doris went with me because so that I would not be going alone (safety concerns and all that good stuff). We would join them back at Kilimani and have a short celebration of what we had

Day Ten

Our very late blog for yesterday (my fault) comes from Doris. It was our last day going door to door, and she talks about one of the things that might happen during door to door ministry beyond sharing the gospel. Today was the last day we went out to do ministry. We were supposed to stay close to the church, but my group did not do that. My group travelled more down the hill away from the church. I went out today with Pastor Paul, Meshach, and one of the little girls named Solla.  When we went out on Wednesday, we stopped at the home of a woman who is a Christian. She wanted us to pray because she needed financial help badly. God put it on my heart to help her, but yesterday I couldn't find her house. I looked for it, and was disappointed when I didn't see it. I prayed we would find it again so I could give her the money.  God answered my prayer. We walked by her house. I got really excited and asked Pastor Paul to stop so I could give her the funds God had laid i

Day Nine

Today's blog comes from none other than me!  Door to door ministry is always a mixed bag for me. If my perspective is not where it should be, I find the hours of walking to be monotonous, and the endless stream of people either accepting or rejecting what I have to say exhausts me. I remember the three months I spent in East Africa six years ago, and how much of that time I spent doing door to door ministry. Mostly, with this less than stellar perspective, I remember how much I never wanted to do it again. When my thoughts go in that direction, I start to think the same way in the here and now. If my perspective is where it needs to be, then I love the time spent walking around, and while I am still exhausted at the end of the day, I am motivated to keep going by all of the good things I have seen happen. This is where I have been working to keep my perspective. The Lord has blessed that work by meeting me there and giving me joy for the work whether people will hear me or