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What's Next For The Blog in 2020

Happy Monday! Two weeks ago, I shared a bit of a life (and writing project) update , so this week's post is an update on this website. If you were wondering what is coming up, here are some answers. When I Am Posting I decided to change the day of the week I post on. I've narrowed it down to early in the week. Why early in the week? From a statistical standpoint, it's because the posts on my blog have higher view counts when they go up early in the week. Why? I'm not sure, but I'm not going to fight with the direction the numbers are pointing in. Other reasons? I used to post on Tuesdays. My posts slid back to Thursdays because I would procrastinate about writing them. When Tuesday rolled around and nothing was ready to go, I pushed it back. Then I told myself giving myself an extra couple of days was fine because at least it would go up that week. My goal at the time was consistent posts, but I let myself off the hook because of my mental state