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Epic Failure

NaNoEdMo was a complete bust. I wrote the last blog here, and then completely abandoned the idea. I plead mental insanity induced by far too many hours at work for that blunder. The end result is that I am still sitting staring at a novel that is only mostly finished, and hardly edited. This week and next week are a no-go on the editing process, but I am finding myself interested in picking up the pen and paper and heading into rewrite land. Maybe I can whip this thing into shape yet.

Finding My Way Back

This week is VBS at New Life. In the three summers since the last time I was a part of it, I've managed to forget a lot of things. A list I've been able to compile so far. 1. I will NEVER be completely happy with the rotation schedule. Why? Because I'm not the one who created it. Therefore, it will never be 100% to my liking. 2. Pastors will do crazy things to get the kids involved. i.e. Jump around on a blow-up kangaroo. Need proof? I've got video of it. Maybe I'll put it online someday. 3. No matter how much I try to prepare what I am going to be teaching, I am NEVER ready. 4. There is always going to be at least one of the other workers who drives me nuts by the end of the week. It never fails. I'm not sure yet who is going to win by the end of this week, but someone will. 5. No matter how little I do, I will always feel like collapsing into bed by the end of the night. Except tonight. Wonder why that is. 6. The face in the kitchen may change, and