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Getting Organized: Tracking Characters

This is the first in a series of blogs about getting organized so I can complete two projects I have completed first drafts for (one a novella, one a full-length novel). Wondering about the origins of this series? Read this blog: Getting Organized .  Characters Characters play such a huge role in a story that it seemed fitting to start the process of getting organized by getting the characters in my novel (and novella) organized. I can already tell sticky notes are going to be my best friend when it comes to this project, because I've used at least 90 on characters thus far. (Yes, that means there will be another blog post about characters in the future. No, it does not mean that the next blog post will be about characters.) What have I done with my sticky notes, exactly? So glad you asked! Just follow the jump to find out.

Getting Organized

August is ALWAYS a busy month for me, and for my family. Wedding anniversaries, birthdays, death anniversaries, the start of a new school year (my youngest brother is a freshman in college right now)... Last year, the busy-ness reached new heights with the added baby shower for my nephew (and I missed it because in August of last year, I was hiking through the mountains of eastern Uganda, which you can read all about here , but that is beside the point). Also, it marked the first time I ever went to the emergency room because something was wrong with me . Me and a couple of friends outside Temple Bar in Dublin, the day after I got out of the hospital. You can read more about my overseas hospital  experiences  here and here .