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Here There Be Pirates (52 Weeks of Books Challenge Week Twenty-Three)

Here there be pirates, but not of the Caribbean. On to this week's review! Corsair (The Oregon Files #6) Clive Cussler w/ Jack Du Brul, 2010, The Penguin Group Summary : Corsair is the sixth novel in The Oregon Files series, also spun off of the popular Dirk Pitt novels by Clive Cussler (I wrote a review of Medusa, the eighth novel in The NUMA Files series a few months ago, and you can read that here ). The series follows the adventures of Juan Cabrillo and private, top-secret search and recovery team called the Corporation. In Corsair , their mission is to find out what has happened to the US Secretary of State Fiona Katamora after her plane crashes en route to a major peace summit in North Africa. Why I Read It: My momma (ever the loving enabler of my reading addiction) picked it up to read, then passed it on to me because I've been a fan of Clive Cussler novels in the past. Opinion: Corsair has many of the same elements that have made Clive

Lovelorn and War-Torn (52 Weeks of Books Challenge Week Twenty-Two)

That backlog of unfinished books I had at the beginning of the year? Obliterated! On to the (much shorter) list of books I've borrowed. Dragonfly in Amber (Outlander #2) Diana Gabaldon, 1992, Dell Publishing Summary: Dragonfly in Amber is the second novel in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander book series. It takes us through Jamie's and Claire's months in France, their attempts to stop the 1745 uprising in Scotland before it has a chance to get started, their subsequent return to Scotland, and their fight on the side of the uprising once it becomes obvious that they have neither stopped it from happening nor been able to keep themselves removed from the war. Why I Read It: My youngest sister started reading the Outlander book series when I was in college. Her enthusiasm over the book series being turned into a TV series convinced me to watch the show with her. Once I'd gotten hooked on the show, I decided it would be a good idea to start reading the ser

What Happens When God Shows Up (52 Weeks of Books Challenge Week Twenty-One)

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I'm so excited to finally get back to regularly scheduled programming. Shall we get to it? When God Shows Up On Campus: The Miraculous Birth  of InterVarsity in the Rocky Mountains Don Everts, 2008, Summary : When God Shows Up On Campus is, as the title suggests, the origin story of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) chapters in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States. If you're wondering what IVCF is, it's a similar type of ministry as Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ), Navigators, or Baptist Student Ministries (BSM). All three are ministries that serve college students on secular college campuses. Specifically, IVCF is the American arm of a larger international college student ministry known as the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES), which started as a movement in the 1870s at the University of Cambridge. Why I Read It: In my college days, I was a member of (and

Why Am I Writing This? (52 Weeks of Books Challenge Week Twenty)

Finally, we are all caught up! Writing in Obedience: A Primer for Christian  Fiction Writers Terry Burns & Linda W. Yezak, 2014, Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas Summary: Writing in Obedience is a book with writing advice specifically geared towards Christians who are fiction writers. It is meant to help them determine their place in the writing market and audience, whether that be within Christian or mainstream publishing. It is co-written by Terry Burns (well-known book agent and author) and Linda W. Yezak (published Christian romance writer). Why I Read It: I was in the middle of trying to determine my spot, and this book looked like it could help. Opinion: Technically, there were a few slightly weird things with the formatting of the book, but maybe that's just me being a little bit nit-picky. Writing in Obedience is divided into three sections. The first section talks about writing as a calling versus writing as an offering. It also defines C

Getting Your Groove Back (52 Weeks of Books Challenge Week Nineteen)

Maybe I should have titled this blog, "How Dalinar Got His Groove Back".? *shrug* Be warned - this one is in the epic fantasy genre, comes in at just over 1,000 pages, and the summary is going to make this a longer post than normal. Also, spelling and grammar checks hate me right now. The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive #1) Brandon Sanderson, 2010, Tor Books Summary: The Way of Kings is the first book in Brandon Sanderson's The Stormlight Archive series, which is one of a number of series in the Cosmere Universe. Yes, in case you were wondering, this is the author of the Mistborn series, and the guy who was tapped to finish Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series after Jordan passed away. It is set on a world called Roshar, which is full of stone and storms (yes, I'm channeling the summaries I could find elsewhere here), and on the brink of a massive war between highly splintered factions of humanity and an enemy of old known as the Void

Hope Quotes Review - May 2017

Last month's quotes were even less timely than April's quotes, but some were posted anyway. Here is the meager number of quotes posted on Instagram for the month of May. May 6, 2017 May 27, 2017 Either of these quotes resonate? Feel free to share, just remember to mention where you found them! If you missed last month's quotes, you can look them over here .