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My name is Cat.

I may not look it, but I am officially a thirty-something single white female (wow - that is a scary thought) living and working in the heat-scorched land of promises known as Phoenix, Arizona. My life looks nothing like I dreamed it would when I was 16, but it is so much better than I could have imagined. Sometimes the best thing to happen to you is to have your dreams not come true.

I am a writer (by day and night). I write a lot of things.

Novels that have yet to be published. Short stories. Essays. Memoirs. Blog posts - occasionally about things I am learning (just because I'm a "big girl now" doesn't mean I know everything), things I'm dreaming, things burning a fire in my belly that won't be extinguished so I have to release them. Sometimes what I write even makes it out into public forums.

Sticky notes with lines to write on give me great joy. So do cookies, sunrises, giddy late night literary chats with my sisters, the mountains I get to see every time I take a step out my back door.

Especially Jesus. 

I'm convinced (despite our numerous flaws) that my family is the greatest ever. I'm also convinced that someday one of the NAU/ASU or UofA football games that occur every season is going to come out in favor of my beloved Lumberjacks. Even if my youngest sister is a Sun Devil, and I root for them out of sisterly loyalty the rest of the season.

And I'm convinced, no matter how hot it gets, that Phoenix is one of the most amazing places to live on the planet (even after a year of circumnavigating the globe as a missionary).

That's me in a nutshell. What about you?

Ohhh... and if you're still reading this and want to make contact, email me - catpollockwrites@gmail.com

Published Works
1. "Grandpa's Favorite Tall Tale" Published in Riders 'n Reapers Jan/Feb 2006

Other Samples
1. The Moment (essay)
2. Mirror, Mirror (short story)
3. Light (flash fiction)

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