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Summer Reading Roundup

Today is National Read a Book Day. I was already planning for a post like this at some point, but I could not decide which day would be best until I found out this was coming up. Without further ado, here is the short list of books I will admit to having read this summer. The Excalibur Alternative , David Weber  Read the review! My mother lent me this one in the spring, but I did not really start it until this summer. You can read what I thought of this one in the review above. Imprudence (The Custard Protocol #2), Gail Carriger Read the review! Yes, I'm behind on this series, and Competence (The Custard Protocol #3)  just came out in July, but I finally got to it. The review posted last week, so hop to it for all my thoughts! Pinterest for Authors: Use Pinterest to Find New Readers and Sell More Books,  Mark Dawson w/ Pip Reid Another book I picked up when it was available for free on a limited basis. While I knew a lot of the tips mentioned,