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Famous Amos

Shortly after the beginning of the year, my Sunday School class made a decision to delve into uncharted territory for ourselves… We chose to study the Minor Prophets, starting with Joel (yes, we skipped Hosea… and?). It was in conjunction with the decision to start using the material normally provided for Sunday mornings on Wednesday nights. The morning we started Joel, I couldn’t help what popped out of my mouth. “It’s in the book of Joel,” I said. “Not my cousin.” “I didn’t know you had a cousin named Joel,” one of my students replied. “Well, I do,” I told him. “But that’s not who wrote this book.” Thus began a two or three month period where the phrase “Joel, not my cousin” left my lips every Sunday morning. Some Sundays it got a chuckle. Other times, my students (and/or my co-teacher) shook their heads at me. I don’t regret a second of it. I say that because now the book of Joel is stuck in everyone’s head. They are going to be able to forget it about

Back to Kenya

Remember how I might have said in my last blog that I would try to write a new one about my upcoming trip to Kenya? Well, this is it. Maybe you remember the one I posted back in May saying that I would be going at the end of July. I certainly was gone from social media enough at the time to make it possible for me to have been gone, but that isn't where I was. No, I was here at home in Phoenix, trying to wrap my head around things that were going on at the time. Things that had delayed the trip. Things that were getting shaken up. If I didn't have such a strong conviction that this trip was supposed to happen, I probably would have given up on it. But it is happening this time. Flights have been booked, and I am going. Someday, I'll write about how different the process of fundraising has been from my World Race experience. That truly is an entire post on its own, though. This post is an update on the details of the trip. Dates: October 16th-28th Where? Mombasa, Kenya The t


I don’t know about you, but I’ve fallen in love with something I didn’t think I would be capable of loving for a while. A routine. Yes, I know there are some people running around saying that routine is from the devil. Then there are others who put it up on a pedestal and worship it like it’s worthy of such things. I’m not in either place. Well, I hope I’m not, anyway. This past spring, I promised myself I was going to get into the routine of blogging again. I bought a dry erase calendar to stick to my wall, then I marked the days each week I was going to blog. Once that routine was back in place, I added journaling on the days I didn't blog. It was working out in ways better than I could have possibly imagined. And then came summer. I could say it came in like a wrecking ball (which it did), but that would be a little bit too obvious. Regardless, it came, along with blistering temperatures, crazy thunderstorms, and upheavals every time I turned aro