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Grandpa's Favorite Tall Tale

2020 Note to Readers: Obviously things have changed quite a bit in the years between when I first published this piece and when you are reading this. In updating the post with graphics, I've reread it and debated with myself over whether or not to leave it up.  My grandfather's story is a tall tale with plenty of unbelievable elements. Unfortunately, some of those unbelievable elements play into horrendous stereotypes of Native American people and culture - stereotypes I do not believe in or support. While I remember him as a man who genuinely loved and respected family members of other races and ethnicities, I also know it is likely that he may have had some racist thoughts/ideas he'd never thought about or been confronted with. Which is why, ultimately, I've chosen to leave it for now - as a reminder to work harder at examining my own thoughts/beliefs and confronting the things I've said or done in the past that reflect views of mine that have changed.  ----------