Getting Organized

August is ALWAYS a busy month for me, and for my family.
Wedding anniversaries, birthdays, death anniversaries, the start of a new school year (my youngest brother is a freshman in college right now)...
Last year, the busy-ness reached new heights with the added baby shower for my nephew (and I missed it because in August of last year, I was hiking through the mountains of eastern Uganda, which you can read all about here, but that is beside the point).
Also, it marked the first time I ever went to the emergency room because something was wrong with me.

Me and a couple of friends outside Temple Bar in Dublin, the day after
I got out of the hospital. You can read more about my overseas hospital 

experiences here and here.

This year, August will mark my move back to Flagstaff as I prepare to finish my bachelor's degree in history.
What will I do with that?
Ah - that's a question for another blog.
Because I will be moving, however, and because I packed up all of my belongings before I left on my world adventure last year, I wanted to go through what I own so I know what I have.
It led me to bring a box in from the storage shed in the back yard that has been there for years (the box), which contained (amongst other things) the first draft of the first novel I ever wrote that was not fan fiction, and the first draft of one of my first novellas.
Both are projects I've started editing, then stopped, then started again, then stopped again...

Well, it's time for the vicious start/stop cycle to come to a stop.
I am turning over a new leaf, and getting more organized as I move forward with the process of editing and revising.
As I reach a point with each project where I believe it is "publishable," I will start a blog which I will share with you (explanation forthcoming).
And I will chronicle the process of turning over my new leaf and "getting organized" right here - ideally in weekly installments, but possibly biweekly or triweekly.
I like to call it the "Getting Organized" series.
Hopefully, it helps you as much as I believe it will help me.