Day Ten

Our very late blog for yesterday (my fault) comes from Doris. It was our last day going door to door, and she talks about one of the things that might happen during door to door ministry beyond sharing the gospel.

Today was the last day we went out to do ministry. We were supposed to stay close to the church, but my group did not do that. My group travelled more down the hill away from the church. I went out today with Pastor Paul, Meshach, and one of the little girls named Solla. 

When we went out on Wednesday, we stopped at the home of a woman who is a Christian. She wanted us to pray because she needed financial help badly. God put it on my heart to help her, but yesterday I couldn't find her house. I looked for it, and was disappointed when I didn't see it. I prayed we would find it again so I could give her the money. 

God answered my prayer. We walked by her house. I got really excited and asked Pastor Paul to stop so I could give her the funds God had laid it on my heart to give. I gave it to her through her door, and I could tell she was really thankful even though she didn't come out to receive it.

In the meeting at the church afternoon, Pastor Rich taught the lesson and I preached out of Acts 5:1-10. I got very emotional when I started talking about my son and daughter on drugs, and Stella (my translator during the sermon) asked me afterward why I got so emotional. I told her it happened because my son and daughter being on drugs hurts my heart. Stella said she would pray for me. 

After the service, we danced around for two songs with some of the mamas in the church. It was a lot of fun. I love the people we have been working with.