Day Twenty Five

Days 18-25 Combined Word Count: 13,352

NaNoWriMo Total: 33,495

I wish I could say that the 13K or so in the past week was merely an accumulation over the last week, that I kept to the goals I started out with as far as word count, and that I did not kill myself trying to get to this point. The only true statement is that I did not kill myself to get to this point (but that should be evidenced by the fact that I am alive and posting this blog... although I suppose I could be a bot that has just so happened to put together a blog post in a manner coherent enough to sound like it is really coming from a person, as opposed to not. Just trust me, I am no bot).

I'm totally kidding that only one statement is true, though. Truth is that with the help of word sprints on the NaNoWriMo boards, I was able to make it through the 13K this past week. It still doesn't really catch me up, but it does at least allow me to feel slightly productive - although I am feeling grossly unproductive at the sight of all those people who blew by 50K in the first half of the month. Yeah, I know. Don't compare them to me. Just don't do it. First year and all that jazz. Right? Right. So, let's move on.

Thankfully, Thanksgiving is generally quiet around here. I should have some time to get things done and close the gap between here and 50K.

Oh, did I mention that they've got the validator up and going on the NaNo site? The 33.5K I'm posting tonight is from their count, not mine. According to my word processor, I'm about 150 words short of that. Can't complain, though, if they want to count more words than I am. And I won't. I'll take it wherever I can get it, so long as I come by it honestly.