Final Word Count/What's Been Happening Since?

Days 29-30 Combined Total: 3938

NaNoWriMo Total: 50,183

Purple status bar on my NaNo profile? Heck, yes! Success is sweet. It would be sweeter if the novel were finished, but they say that that's what NaNoFiMo is for (National Novel Finishing Month). No, NaNoFiMo is not anything official like NaNoWriMo, but it sounds appealing for the people unable to complete their novels... whether they got to 50K or not during November. And that would be me.

After going back and reading a little bit, I realized I am closer than I thought I was to completing the first draft of this novel. Just a few scenes, and I am done - as long as those scenes don't decide to multiple too much. Once it's done, I will put the novel away for a few weeks, until after the holidays. Then I will be studiously separating each section of the novel so when NaNoEdMo (National Novel Editting Month) comes in March, I can set goals for the number of sections I want to complete in a day.

No, NaNoEdMo is no more official than NaNoFiMo, but anything that propels me towards getting a novel ready for publishing is well worth pursuing. NaNoEdMo's goal? 50 hours spent on editing in 31 days. Should be considerably less nervewrecking than the 50k in 30 days.

Here's to hoping my next blog post will be a general jumping up and down in excitement type of post because I have finished the novel. And that my patience with the internet connection and Blogger will have been restored, so I don't get so upset because I have to spend twenty different times trying to get the blog post up.

Oh... and I am leaving you with the title of the novel. You've been so patient, waiting to be updated, and only getting word counts. Should have the summary and other things soonish, but for now, here you go: Something Beautiful