It's the month before the biggest month of the year for us aspiring novelists. October, the month where everyone who is going to plot and plan their NaNoWriMo novels to death either starts to or is in over their heads with their scheming. It is also the month where people switch ideas, ditch ideas, and possibly decide by the end of the month to just wing it through November. I call it NaNoPrepMo.

Prep is going well for this year's novel. Instead of creating character bios, I've divided the novel into "themed" chunks, and am outlining each as inspiration strikes. A plot line is emerging, and I am really getting excited for this. Never mind the full time job and preparations for The World Race (if you want to read about what's up with all that, click here), I'm doing it again! I'll be much better about updating my word counts this go round on this blog, and you'll see why in just a matter of days if we're buddies on facebook or otherwise know me.

While we wait for NaNoWriMo to officially kick off, here are a few songs off the 2009 NaNoWriMo playlist that is in progress along with outlines and such! I feel like these songs really have a lot to do with each theme they represent, and I leave it to you to guess what the theme might be for each.

NaNoWriMo 2009
1. "Beautiful" - Bethany Dillon
2. "Be Strong" - Matthew West
3. "Misery Business (Acoustic Version)" - Paramore
4. "Clear The Stage" - Ross King
5. "You Are" - Tenth Avenue North
6. "The Heart of Worship" - Sonicflood
7. "Dead Man (Carry Me)" - Jars of Clay
8. "Faith, Love, and Happiness" - Thousand Foot Krutch
9. "Blood on My Hands" - The Used
10. "Roots Rock Riot" - Skindred