A Day of Infamy

This day will live in infamy for two reasons I think are very important.

1. I let myself get distracted by the Phoenix Suns/Orlando Magic game and trash talking through the second half with one of my World Race squad mates... that might have started sooner if I hadn't been at work or on my way home through the first half. The time I spent on that was not time spent writing. Therefore, I did not write a single word for the novel tonight.

2. After all the effort I put into talking smack about the Magic (which was, eh... not much - guess that should teach me a lesson, huh?), they totally handed the Suns their heads on a silver platter. 22 point loss, and the end of a 4-game winning streak. A season opening winning streak, at that.

To add insult to injury, I logged on to Facebook after the game to find my squad mate had posted something on my wall.

 Thanks, Mike. I love you too.

In all seriousness, though... I think I came to a writing flow blockage because there are two camps warring inside my head over control of where the novel will go. Poor, unfortunate me has to moderate between them and decide who wins. On top of the Suns losing tonight.

Wow, I'm having a hard time letting that go.

Anyway, to the point. Things don't always go the way I want them to... in the 'real world' or my world. There are times when I have choices to make regarding the next step I take. Depending on what's going on around me, the likelihood is that I will not get what I want. What I have to do is stand up, brush the dirt off, and get back to the business of living...

which means picking up the pen and paper and scrawling out chicken scratch to be typed up later in the day, and embellished as it is typed.  10,000 wasn't in my reach today. But tomorrow's a new day, and I've got a new chance to get there.