Day Two

Day 2 Word Count: 2,164
NaNoWriMo Total: 4,899

Today was a really rough day on the word count. Between the Day One post and two thirty this morning, I added about 2,000 words to my total, and went to bed with bright visions of well over 6,000 words in just two days. I came back to the computer three hours later to find that the computer had somehow erased everything I wrote in that three hour time period. A minor heart attack ensued.

Instead of a very healthy 6,500+ word count tonight like I was anticipating when I went to sleep, I am staring at the 5,000 mark. I'm a little bit ahead of where I was when I went to bed... which is something.

I console myself with the knowledge that I am still well ahead of my goal so far, and that I am light years ahead of where I sat at this time last year. As for what tomorrow holds? We'll see.