NaNoWriMo Writing Habits

I'm curious, as a returning NaNoer myself, about the writing habits of some of my fellow writers. Here are my questions:
  1. Do you do all your writing strictly at your computer? If not, then how often would I find you with a journal where you write odds and ends when you have no way to get to a computer?
  2. Am I likely to find you in a stone cold silent room, or jamming to some hot tunes? If you're a jammer, are you likely to be sporting sound reducing headphones or cranking it up so loud the neighbors are on the verge of calling the police because your music is loud enough to be considered noise pollution?
  3. Does your flow come better early in the morning, or late at night?
  4. How much do distractions throw you off track for your writing target for the day?
 Answer any of the above, all of the above, or make up your own question about writing habits and answer it. See you tomorrow!