Give Me Your Eyes

It's been well over a year since I have bothered to write an actual blog for this blog. Granted, for most of that time, I have been travelling around the world (which you can read all about here)... so I figure you can cut me a little bit of slack.

In honor of the title of this blog, I thought it would be appropriate to share this video (although I feel like the song has been so overplayed, I want to put it out of its misery).

Now, today's blog doesn't really have anything to do with asking God for His eyes to see the world (in fact, there's a certain episode of Joan of Arcadia which has a scene where Joan asks God to let her in on the big picture, and faints because it becomes too overwhelming for her, and I think of that scene every time I hear this song... but more on what I think of when I hear this song in a blog to come). I just thought the title was a good play on words for what I intend to write about today...

Which is my own eyes.

Coming off of The World Race, there is a long list of things I have either neglected or been unable to attend to when it comes to the matter of my health. A few items off of that list:
  1. Regular doctor's visits
  2. Eye exams
  3. Visits to the dentist
In an attempt to start clearing that list out, I went to get my eyes checked. Since my family (paternal and maternal lines both) has had problems in the past in that area, it seemed prudent to get it out of the way - especially when all I thought that would require was an exam and a new pair of glasses.

Imagine my excitement when I had my eyes checked, and the doctor told me my vision was nearly perfect and I had no need for glasses. Now, imagine that excitement turn into something else entirely when she took a look inside my eyeballs and found swollen optic nerves. And that something else entirely turn into a sunken pit in the region of my stomach as she wrote out a referral to an eye specialist. 

I saw that eye specialist today. He saw the same thing as the first doctor (rats, because I was praying for it to have gone away), and now I have a vision field test scheduled for next week. 

Right now, with my eyes recovering from dilation and looking ahead to next week, I don't think I want my own eyes. I'd like a perfectly healthy set to see out of, thank you very much. No more tests, no more problems. Just a good, solid, working pair. Let me move on to the next thing on my list, please.

But that isn't how it works. I don't get to switch out my eyes because I don't believe I want them anymore. They might be giving me problems, but they are the ones I have been given, and it is up to me to determine how I will take care of them (or even if I intend to take care of them). It is up to me to decide how I see out of them - clearly, or dimly.

That thought does, indeed, correlate on both a physical and a spiritual level, but this blog is starting to get long and rambly-like. I think I will flesh out my thoughts on this whole thing in a blog to come. 

For now, laters!