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Slice of Life: Computers and Cell Phones

Slice of pie, anyone?
slice [slahys] – noun 1. a thin, flat piece cut from something: a slice of bread. 2. a part, portion, or share: a slice of land.

I have to be honest - those are just two of the million definitions of the word slice (who know slice could defined in fifty million different ways?!). All I wanted to do was have a super-cool hook to start my blog, but had to make it a lot more complicated.

Anyway, on to the bulk of the blog (and my point). Since this blog site is supposed to be about my life, and the things that seem to matter most to me, I thought a series of blogs that delivered a slice of life as I know it seemed appropriate. Well, the slices are more like slivers, really. Snippets.

But enough of the semantics... let's get on to the slice, shall we?

Slice of Life: Computers and Cell Phones

One of my greatest aspirations is to be a writer, but writing is just like any other career path in the world – you usually don’t become a success the first time you submit a manuscript somewhere.

And while I pursue this goal, I have to eat. I have to pay the bills. That would be why I have a day job. I scored a part timer at Auto Safety House within a month of returning from my World Race adventures.

At work today, our IT guy was installing Adobe® Photoshop® on my computer when he realized it was super slow and needed more memory. So he decided to add more (who am I to complain? The computer was slow before he started putting anything on it). That didn’t work – the memory cards he had on hand, that is – so he put my computer back together saying something about getting cards that would work. I smiled and nodded, because at least I had a computer to work from.

Not even two minutes after he finished, he was back. Why? Because he had been using his cell phone as a flashlight to look at the insides of the computer, and when he put everything back together, he left the phone inside. Now, he had to get it out again.

I think I laughed for a good five minutes. Needless to say, it made my day.

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