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Slice of Life: Hit Me Baby, One More Time

Yes, it's been a year and a half since the last time I slapped a blog up on this site.
No, I did not just listen to Britney Spears (although now that I've used that title, the song is stuck in my head).
I have much catching up to do.
I thought I start with one of the biggest things to happen during that span of time.

My newest nephew - Daniel
Yes, you are reading the caption correctly, and it does say nephew.
I'm not a mommy yet, and I don't have plans to be any time soon.
Amanda, the middle of my three younger sister, gave birth to a bouncing 6lb, 10oz baby boy named Daniel Jaxson (maybe that's the right spelling for his middle name) four weeks ago today.
You can't really see it in this picture, but Daniel is beautiful.
That's not just Aunt Cat doting on her nephew... he just is.

I wish I could say I've been jumping up and down ecstatically, waiting in breathless anticipation for Daniel's arrival...
But I wasn't.
I spent a lot of Amanda's pregnancy trying to wrap my head around some of the decisions she's made with regards to Daniel, her fiance, and her life in general.
Without getting into a lot of detail, I have some concerns about the relationship she's in and the choices she's making.
I can't figure out what is going on inside of her head, and it drives me crazy some days because I'm trying to so hard to do so.

If that's the hard part, though, then the easy part is knowing what I need to do - whether or not I ever understand.
That one thing is love.
Love Daniel.
Love Amanda.

It is harder in practice than in discussion, though.
Please pray with me as we move forward that I will be able to move from word into action.
And thank you for praying with me.

Be looking for another update soon!

Four sisters and a baby


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