Life Hack

It's after nine o'clock in the evening here, and I really should be getting myself away from my computer and off to sleep.
By that, I mean my gaze is drifting ever so lovingly in the direction of my bed in anticipation of the moment my head hits the pillow, and everything fades to black for a few hours before I start all over again.
My apologies, body, but my brain is still trying to go at a million miles an hour.

Tonight was a wonderful night.
I think it was a wonderful night because it felt like a normal night after a month straight of near insanity.
Revival. Memorial. Work. Ministry. Easter.
I don't know how many times I've wished for the clock to slow down so I can catch up.
On work. On rest. On writing.

It was lovely to be clear-headed enough to set a lunch date with my dad (for tomorrow... I know you're jealous).
It was also lovely to sit through a two and a half hour long movie with my youngest sister and let my goofball commentary loose without sounding like I need to crawl into bed at any second.
And now it is nice to be able to string words together well enough to write a blog before I crawl into bed and get some sleep before tomorrow's work day sneaks up on me.

There's been nothing out of the ordinary about my day, though.
It's not like I've had any earth shattering revelations about who God is or anything like that.
Then again, it's also not like my day has been so incredibly boring that there is nothing to talk about.
I may not be globe trotting or country hopping or doing anything that everyone automatically wants to hear about, but life is still an adventure.
And I'm living it right now.

God willing and the creek don't rise, I'll be back to living it tomorrow. 
And the next day. 
And the next.

I hope you are, too.