Kenya, I'm Coming Back

(This is a repost of the blog I posted on the blog I kept up while I was on The World Race. You can see it, as well as a series of blogs about my adventures from that time period by clicking on the World Race tab at the top of this page.)

Five years ago, I remember sitting in front of a laptop, madly compiling lists of possible financial supporters for my journey around the world and planning fundraisers, deciding which shots were absolutely necessary to get and which gear would be best.
About four years ago, I was sitting in a van on my way to help put on VBS for school kids in Kenya.
Not my favorite month of ministry, but it was a solid month, and I didn't walk away from it feeling like I never wanted to go back there again.
At the time, I just didn't expect it to pop up on my radar again.

It's funny, the places life takes us to.
Even funnier, sometimes, the places it takes us back to.

I say that because I am going back to Kenya this summer (July 31st-August 12th, if you are looking for a precise date).
I am co-leading a team of four with a dear friend and former pastor.
Rich Crecillius, Ann and John (one of our worship team members and her husband - also, parents to one of the regular attenders in my youth ministry), and I are headed to Mombasa, where we will be working alongside Pastor Julius - a man whose church and ministry our church supports there.

God started putting this trip on our hearts nearly a year ago, and it has truly been amazing to see how He's been bringing everything together so far.
That includes finances - nearly half of the funds we need to get there have come in, and have done so through little more than word of mouth and unexpected financial blessings.
Sometimes, I forget how much he loves to bless us when we step out in obedience.

Like I said, we have about half of the money we need to go without saying much beyond that we're going.
Half only gets two of us there, though, and I'm certain all four of us were called to go, so now I am stepping out on a limb and asking -
Can you help us get there?

There are two ways specifically that you can do so.
First (and most important, in my opinion) is praying for us.
If you have any interest in that, let me know, because I intend to put together a prayer calendar to email to everyone so you know what to be praying for on what day.

Second, of course, is financially.
We are estimating that the travel cost will be about $2,000 round trip per person.
With four of us going, we need to raise at least $8,000.
So far, we have just over $3,900 of that.
If you are able to contribute in such a fashion, the best way to do so is with a check by mail.

Please make it payable to:

New Life Baptist Church
8701 W Encanto Blvd
Phoenix, AZ 85037

Just be sure to write "Kenya Mission Trip" on the memo line, so the guy who balances the books knows where it's supposed to go.
Because this account is set up through the church, anything you contribute is tax deductible.

Thank you so much in advance for your help!