Perspectives on Motherhood (Short Story Sunday)

Author's Note: This is actually a short story I wrote for a writing competition several years ago with a "Mothers" theme. Though I tried and tried and tried this last week to write something new, I kept coming back to this one. Thank you for reading, and Happy Mother's Day to all of the strong, wonderful, amazing women reading this who all hold that title. You are incredible, and I love each and every one of you!

It had been a difficult drive getting here, but now Fee was glad she had come. She set her bag on the ground to let the feeling rush over her for a second, then turned around to see where that mischievous toddler of hers had gone in the last second.

Luckily, Chris hadn’t gone too far. Instead of walking with Mommy, Chris was running around the base of the stairs to the bushes that lined them. She sighed, left the bag and went running after him.

“Christopher Richard McCormick, get back here this instant,” Fee yelled as she ran, answered by Chris’s excited giggle and quickened pace.

Chris turned his head, giggling again, and that was when disaster struck...

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