Daisy Shoes

I'm writing this from the road.
Well, not actually the road.
From a little tucked away spot in an airport as I wait for my shuttle so I can actually hit the road and reach my destination.

So far, the pictures I've taken have been of my shoes.
To be fair, they're really cute shoes, and I'm really picky about what shoes I will buy.
I remember the clerk at the store talking about how she'd bought a pair because they were perfect California beach shoes.
And how her boyfriend thought she had enough shoes already.
We laughed about it as she rang my purchases up that day.

They've gotten a high approval rating from a lot of people in my life who make note of such things
Plus I like how they're holding up so far.
Plus I end up wearing them to work on the days we're interviewing for a new member of my team (and the hilarity of that gives me all kinds of joy).
That's probably why they got to come with me on my trip across the country this weekend.

So I've taken a couple of shoes-in-the-airport pictures and posted them.
The shoes themselves are daisies on a black background (if you couldn't tell).
And they've been a good footwear choice on this trip - easy to slip on, they don't make mt my feet hurt...
I wish I could say the same thing about the jeans I decided to wear, but I'm realizing the metal buttons on them with never get along with the screening machines at LAX.
Very inconvenient, whereas the shoes are convenient.

But that's all I've got today.
Daisy shoes and airport talk.
Hoping next time will be another Kenya tale.

Until then,