This probably won't be as eloquent as it would have been if the original draft had survived my commute to work this morning, but I hope the sentiment comes through.

I know there are a lot of people in the world who don't think of today as anything special.
Well, maybe those of us celebrating Middle Child Day do, but I know that isn't everyone in the world, so...
What I do know is (for me) that August is a month full of memories from both ends of the spectrum.
It is full of peaks and valleys, and I swing from joy to grief and back again multiple times before the end of it.
For me, today is a day to celebrate - to dance and sing and praise God for the story He's placed me in the middle of.
Because on this day 39 years (14,235 days) ago, two people I dearly love made a commitment to weave their lives together no matter what came their way.
And the memories of the peaks and valleys I've seen is nothing in comparison to what these two have seen in 14,000+ days of doing life together.
12,000 or so of them that I've been in the picture for, by the way.

One of my favorite teachers in high school said once that love (and marriage) is a choice to be made every day.
Thank you, Mom and Dad, for the 14,235 days you've woken up and made that choice.
I don't know if the plan for my life will ever include marriage, and I know yours hasn't been perfect, but the example you've set is still going to be hard to live up to if I get there.
Because you haven't given up, and I know neither one of you will until one or the other of you stops breathing.

Your daughter