Good Weeks

It's Sunday morning, and I'm sitting in the sound booth during morning worship, looking back at the last week while my pastor expounds on the good news of great joy for all people.
Yes, we're in Luke 2 (one of my favorite parts of the Christmas story), but I'm already getting off track.
I guess it's been that kind of week.

My pastor came in to the classroom where I teach the teenagers in high school before Sunday School this morning, sat down across from me with a smile on his face and asked me that simple and frustrating question.
"How was your week?"

"Good," is what I told him, a little bit awkwardly because this wasn't normal.
Normal was him asking in the sanctuary between Sunday School and morning worship, or the hallway with people milling around.
Normal was not him coming in and taking a seat like he intended to make himself comfortable and stay for awhile.
He did not get much more of an answer than that because I had no idea of what else to say, and it was almost time for me to start teaching.

So, now I'm going back through this week as he digs deeper into Luke 2, and I'm wondering...
I'm wondering if the answer I gave him, the same answer I've given everyone else who's asked today, was a lie.
Inadvertent lie, not blatant, before we get confused.
I'm wondering if I inadvertently lied to everyone I've talked to this morning.

I'm wondering because it's been a heavy week.
Blinders have come off, things I hadn't been aware have been brought to light.
There have been days this past week where I've come home with heavy thoughts and a hurting heart (temporarily eased by cuddles with my nephews).
Most people would not call it a good week at all.
Hard, long, awful.
Not good.

But as the good news coming from the front of the sanctuary enters into my soul once again and breathing new life into dead bones, I see this last week for what it has been.
It's been good in that hard and painful and necessary things that need to happen do happen way.
That way that clears out junk and allows room for restored vision and renewed life.

So, as my pastor wraps up with a monologue on loving unconditionally, I am coming around to the idea that this has been a good week.
And that there are even better weeks ahead.

Until next time,