Fully Funded: A Kenya Trip 2016 Update

In case the title of this particular post didn't spoil the contents -
This year's mission trip to Kenya is fully funded.
Let's take a few minutes to watch this video and celebrate good times, yes?

Can I get an A-Men?!?!?!?!?!

When I say fully funded, I mean the money has come together to send all five members of this year's team to serve in Kenya.
That's $15,000, guys.
God provides in gigantic, wonderful, and amazing ways, and this is one of those times where He's stepped in and taken care of the last little bit.
Catch me in person if you can and ask me to tell you the story.
It's a huge answer to prayer, but not one I'm ready to discuss here on the blog right now.

Now that all of the funds are taken care of, friends, my attention is going elsewhere.
I'm starting to work on sermons, lessons, finding songs to share, training...
My spirit is jumping up and down inside of me with excitement at the thought of what God is going to do this time around.
I truly believe we'll see God do more and greater things than we saw the last time we were there.

Because my attention has shifted, I'm going to ask you to shift your attention in prayer to the rest of the preparations for this trip.
The last month hasn't been without its obstacles and distractions, some of which have threatened to put a major damper on the trip itself.
If you could, please take a minute or two and pray the prayer below for us?

Now that the fundraising is done, if there is any other way you'd like to help us prepare, let me know (in the comments, on Facebook, by email, or phone).
Thank you so much for your love and support!