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Day Seven

After much teasing about how he's gotten out of writing a blog so far, today's post comes from Pastor Rich himself.

Praise God He is in complete control. Yesterday it rained all day, not allowing us to go out to the community as we had planned. Instead of complaining, the group praised God for the rain that was greatly needed by the people. Meanwhile, we had a wonderful life lesson in Foundations study material (developed by Campus Crusade for Christ). It was a wonderful time of sharing and fellowship. We were joined by Meshack, a deacon in the church and an interpreter for one of our groups. I became very ill after the study, so I was praising God I was not required to go out into the community.

Today was a nice day with the sun shining. We went to the church for praise and worship before going out into the community to witness. We left the church in three groups at 10:30am. I remember thinking "We are getting a late start" because we were to return by 1:00pm. However, despite my negativity, God blessed each group. In two and a half hours, 71 people accepted the Lord. Bwana asifiwe.

I believe in my heart God found a way to bless the people with badly needed rain, and our efforts by having so many people see the light of His Love in such a short period of time. And, by the way, I was over my illness today so I could go about his work with joy.

Catherine preached a wonderful message tonight that had been prepared for Sunday for another church, but was prevented from going because of the rain. 

Again, God is in control and His timing is perfect. We serve a wonderful loving God who provides all our needs on His timetable. Yesu Kristo ni Bwana.


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