When Comfort Isn't What You Need (52 Weeks of Books Challenge Week Six)

Six weeks, friends. We're at a little over 10% of the way through the challenge (woohoo!)

Today's book up for review:

Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams Into Your Comfortable Life
Jeff Goins, 2012, Moody Publishers
Find it where I found it: Kobo Books

Wrecked is about learning how to "live life with purpose", to repeat an oft-turned phrased. More specifically, it's about finding the middle ground between dreams of a better world and daily responsibility.

Why I Read It:
I got a crack at the ebook for free.

There was a lot in this book I found myself nodding along in agreement with (based on my life experience). One of the key points that seems to bleed off the pages of Wrecked is how necessary of an ingredient commitment is to the recipe of a life filled with purpose. I saw commitment as the most common thread between personal stories Goins shares - instances where commitments were kept and where they weren't.

I thought the overall tone of the book was conversational, like we were sitting down and talking about lessons learned. A few spelling errors momentarily popped me out, but overall I felt like it flowed really well together. 

We live in a society that admires adventurers, the people who step out of their comfort zones and do the things we would never dare to do - many times to the point where we idolize travel and adventure over commitment and staying with something for awhile even though it doesn't feel comfortable. Maybe we are crippling ourselves by chasing all the possibilities, and the best way for us to grow is to stick with the thing we're doing.

52 Weeks of Books Challenge? What is that? What book is Cat reviewing next week?