House Fire Saga Update #13 - July 29, 2019

Update May 2020 - I'm currently going back through my Facebook posts and deciding what I want to leave up for public consumption and what I want to leave private (mostly photos of family that I don't want to leave accessible forever). I thought posting the text of those posts, along with some of the photos I'm okay with leaving public, here on the blog and backdating the posts to the days they went up would be a good alternative.

If you've landed here in the midst of a difficult season (that is difficult for no fault of your own), I hope this helps. Leave a comment or send me a message (catpollockwrites @ gmail .com - remove the spaces) if you want someone to talk to, or even just someone to listen.


Monday, July 29, 2019 - 1:35PM

House fire saga update #13:

A whole week without updates - say what? 😂

In all seriousness, last week was incredibly busy with working on getting my parents' new home ready, getting them moved in, and coming on looters at the old house twice in 48 hours.

Yes, you read that right. And in both cases, they were caught and charged. But still...

We refuse to let those incidents take away from the joy of seeing Mom and Dad settle in a little more every day. None of what's happened is easy, but we continue to count our blessings and are thankful beyond words for all the ways needs continue to be met. It seems like every time we turn around right now, someone gives or does something that has us crying tears of joy.

Mom and Dad's list of needs continues to shrink daily, but right now includes:
- dish cloths
- Kleenex
- mop bucket
- trash cans
- laundry hampers/baskets
- plungers (2)
- pinesol (or some other floor cleaning liquid)

To the best of my knowledge, my sister still needs:
- office attire (specifically slacks/skirts) women's size 20-24
- boys size 7 school uniform tops (navy blue/white/yellow/red) and bottoms (navy blue or khaki)
- kids' clothing hangers

I'm still collecting recipes for the Pollock Fire Recovery Cookbook. If you have a favorite, post it here or send me a message with it. Those of you who have already contributed, thank you!

My sister and her husband are still looking for a more permanent place for their family. Please continue to be praying for the right housing situation for them. Once they have, I'll have a more detailed list of what they need.

In case you need the reminder about who to contact:
- Bonnie Carroll at Laveen Baptist Church
- Sarah Lineberger at New Life Baptist Church
- Michelle Krick at River of Life Church
- Christina Lobosco at St. Peter's Lutheran Church (east Mesa)
- Patty Brooks Suttill at Arcadia Gospel Fellowship