Spring 2019 Reading Round Up

Happy Thursday!

I don't know where all of your reading adventures have taken you in the last few months, but mine  carried me in a direction I was not expecting (in the best way possible). I signed up for the Daily Science Fiction email list, which has delivered some excellent flash fiction to my inbox every week day ever since.

As is usually the case, this quarter's reading round up is not a complete list - just the highlights.

Links to the last three round ups:

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  3. Winter 2018/19 

The list of books I've reviewed in the last three months includes a story with one of the best female main characters I've seen in a while (excepting for Dagger from Zombie Playlist - love you, Dagger) , military science fiction, a lot of time travel, and a dip into the alternative history genre. You can read what exactly what I thought of each of them by clicking on the review links below.

As I said above, my reading this spring took an unexpected turn towards shorter stories. Because of that, I've only gotten through one novel this spring I am willing to admit to.

After the Plague - Deirdre Gould 

After reading K.J. Chapman's novella Zombie Playlist, I've taken a bigger interest in zombie stories. When I read the description for Deirdre Gould's After the Plague, the premise immediately reeled me in. I've always had questions when it comes to the zombie apocalypse, and this book (as well as the rest of the series it comes from) looks at one of the potential outcomes.

When I say questions, I mean ones like:
  1. Does humanity come back from a zombie apocalypse? If so, then how?
  2. If the virus zombies come from was engineered by humans, how do you hold the people who created it responsible? 
  3. What if there was another, deadlier version of the virus created that promises to leave no survivors?
After the Plague and its speculation into such matters was a fun read for me because it comes at zombie stories from this angle.

My favorite reading find this quarter has to be the Daily Science Fiction website and the flash fiction stories they email (for free) every week day. This is not a full list of the stories I've read. It's just the ones that got the strongest reactions from me. 

Curious about what books have been added to my TBR list in the last three months? Here you go:
What have you been reading in the last few months? Add anything new to your to-be-read list? Have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments!